Döhler S/A believes that small actions can improve the world in which we live. That is why, since 1881, environmental and social responsibility has been in its DNA. 

Environmental and Social Responsibility

For Döhler S/A, it is possible to maintain quality production combined with sustainable attitudes. For this reason, care for the environment is part of the company's work routine, which takes the entire product life cycle into account, starting with evaluation of the raw material used in its processes up to the disposal of its products, combining strategies and values with its partners.

A precursor to building the first industrial landfill in southern Brazil, it also inaugurated, in 1980, its own effluent treatment station, minimizing the risks of pollution of its entire manufacturing process. 

Sustainability is in Döhler's DNA and its efforts are reflected in various awards and recognitions, in addition to important certifications such as ISO 14.001, with the objective of structuring an environmental management system aimed at controlling environmental impacts and developing sustainable practices linked to activities and products.

With the company's sustainability and longevity in mind, Döhler maintains and develops actions such as:

  • Protecting a wooded area of approximately 425.000m2;
  • Having a rainwater collection system;
  • Reusing thermal energy;
  • All materials that can be recycled are thus destined, consequently preserving natural resources and increasing the useful life of landfills;
  • The plant's energy matrix uses fuels from renewable and clean sources; 
  • All effluents generated in the company are internally treated and released in compliance with current legislation;
  • Reusing 30% of its liquid effluents generated.
  • It has environmental controls and monitors atmospheric emissions, thus ensuring compliance with applicable laws.

It is part of Döhler´s pillars take care of the life of those who make the company’s history

Incorporated to its social responsibility, the company demonstrates its concern for employees, offering differentiated training, benefit packages and full assistance.

  • Profit Sharing Program, which is part of the participatory management and gives employees the right to share in the company’s profits.
  • Benefit package for employees including scholarships, medical-dental assistance at the plant itself, health insurance, own dining room, life insurance, basic education, own recreational center, social services, library, transportation allowances, own store and training programs.
  • Life & Health pregnancy program, which prepares future mothers for the experience of motherhood, with lectures and differentiated work gymnastics.
  • Döhler Program on Quality of Life, which encourages employees to adopt a healthy routine, with lectures, tips on body posture, adequate nutrition, as well as collective walks, fishing championships, among others.
  • Labor gymnastics for all employees who perform with repetitive movements. Analysis of the correct adequacy of workstations by an ergonomic specialist and his/her full-time team, performing physical improvements, including equipment and accessories replacement.
  • Internal comunication with the employees, through social medias and intranet; Implementation of special individual collaborator training program.
  • Minor Apprentice Program, which every year trains around 100 teenagers and young adults for the labor market.
  • Place value on production and Brazilian workmanship, being recognized nationally for not dealing with imported products, an action certified by the label “Made by Brazilian Hands”, printed on all of the products distributed by the company.
  • Dancing at School (“Dançando na Escola”): A program in partnership with the municipal school Pedro Ivo Campos, regular participant in the Joinville Dance Festival - the largest in the world according to the Guinness book.

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